Watts Tower

In this picture, the EMPHASIS is the towers. I feel that the artist wanted to show emphasis on the towers and how they were made. The artist used multiple mediums to bring his artwork to life.


"Michael Jackson and Tupac Shakur by Dan Lacey". This picture dispays emphasis because Tupac and Michael are the main focus of this picture. The artist made sure that he had every little color so that the focus was not taken away from them. He also used implied texture by making the painting appear to be smooth. - Shannon Logan

The Treachery of Images (La trahison des images, 1928–29, sometimes translated as The Treason of Images) is a painting by the Belgian Rene’ Magritte, painted when Magritte was 30 years old. The picture shows a pipe. Below it, Magritte painted, “Ceci n’est pas une pipe” French for “This is not a pipe.” The painting is not a pipe, but rather an image of a pipe, which was Magritte’s point:The famous pipe. How people reproached me for it! And yet, could you stuff my pipe? No, it’s just a representation, is it not? So if I had written on my picture “This is a pipe,” I’d have been lying!——-Tiffani Revels

The artist used emphasis in this picture to let you know that the pipe is the focal point. He also made you think by the title of his piece “This Is Not A Pipe”. Until you really analyze the piece you won’t know that it is a picture of a pipe and not just a pipe. - Shannon Logan

Kanye West Art

Kanye West is a grammy award winning artist and producer. But he is also known for his fine art. When it comes to marketing he believes in giving viewers a visual and audio presentation. This is the art for his new single “Power”. The subordination in this peice would be the clouds and the platform the head is on. They distract you from the area of emphasis which is the head and the sword. The emphasis of this peice is the head which is being stabbed by the sword.

The Iconography- The iconography of this piece comes from Roman iconography, Renaissance iconography, and it connects to the lyrics of the song “Power” as well. As we can see the setting for it, there’s a feeling of a moment of transition for Kanye. A fall from grace, if you will. It visualizes power, and him as the icon as power, and then at the end of the piece it challenges the power that was set up in the beginning. Its an elliptical piece of storytelling.-MARLON WHITE

Edgar Degas “Jockey before the Race”

I really enjoy looking at this artistic painting. The painting uses “Balance”, “directional forces”. these characteristics baits viewers to focus on what Dagas wants them to focus more on. The pole in the painting seprated the picture and makes the main jockey on the right side making the illusion that he is closer and everything to the left of the pole is further away. -Levern Nichols

Watts Towers

From looking at the piece, I can tell there is implied texture. Most of the pieces are hard and rough. But some pieces seem to be smooth silvers. I find it strange that this huge piece has grown so much from starting in the artists’ back yard.

                                                                                             -Tiffany Hope

Watts tower

Watts Tower was built by an Italian immigrant. this tower is a product of vernacular architecture, which us the use of locally available resources and traditions to address local needs and circumstances. the Tower installation consists of seventeen major sculptures constructed of structural steel and covered with mortar, adorned with a diverse mosaic of broken glass, sea shells, generic pottery and tile, a rare piece of 19th-century, hand painted Canton ware and many pieces of 20th-century American ceramics. Another cool fact is that there were no machine used to construct the Towers. The artist just used pipe fitter pliers and a window-washer’s belt and buckle. Crafty!! - Levern Nichols

Watts Tower

The Watts Towers were designated a National Historic Landmark in 1990.[2] According to reviewer Robert Koehler in Variety, the documentary film I Build the Tower is “the most complete visual account of self-made architect Simon Rodia and his masterpiece.”   -Rashaad Lee

James Hampton

James Hampton, born in South Carolina. An African American amazing artist who secretly built religious masterpeices from loose materials.-Jamaine Lee

He secretly built them in a garage he was staying in. Do you know how many years it took for him to finish this piece? - Shannon Logan

Watts Towers

Did you Know: The Watts Towers were built in the Watts District in Los Angeles , California. Built by an italian immigarnt construction worker.-Jamaine Lee